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Why Your Wedding Gown Or Tuxedo Color Matters: A Guide To Colors

More Than A Look?

It’s a classic topic that all wedding goers, planners, and marrying couples often look up in a hurry. When you plan your wedding, you want to be conscious of not only the material and the cost of your outfits but also the colors your outfit maintains.

Getting a wedding gown or a tuxedo with the right colors can give more than just a pretty look to your wedding; they can give a deeper meaning to the things you want in your marriage and your future together. (Your choice of color can cement those desires and prospects in all the photos and recordings to look back on your wedding day.🙊 )

Of course there is the traditional black and white that is the most popular combination for most wedding gowns and tuxedos, but don’t forget colors can extend beyond the brides or the grooms. The theme of your wedding can have any color scheme, and your choice of color can create the ideal atmosphere for the two of you and all your guests.

Let’s go through the list of colors and the moods or traits they represent before reaching the important point of why your color choice is key to creating a lasting impact. It’s your wedding! Create the tone you want to set for your days ahead, whether it be for the honeymoon, married life, or family life.

Warm Colors 🔥🔥🔥

These colors bring on the feeling of heat and sunlight. They often are associated with playfulness and energy. Warm colors can create coziness and intimacy:

🍒 Red - Passion and desire; purity and joy. The color of strength and vitality.

🍊 Orange - Bold and spontaneous; inspirational and inviting. The color of transition.

☀️ Yellow - Happiness and joy; hope and wisdom. The color of imagination.

🌸 Pink - Abundance, compassion and love. The color of gentleness.

🎻 Brown - Wholesomeness, longevity and patience. The color of stability.

🌊🌊🌊 Cool Colors

These colors bring the feeling of soothing and serenity. They build atmospheres of calmness, honesty and security. Cool colors can create healing and reliability:

🍀 Green - Life, growth, fertility and health. The color of harmony.

☄️ Blue - Tranquility and youth; honesty and trust. The color of compassion.

☂️ Purple - Royalty and spirituality; value, tolerance and togetherness. The color of wit and dignity.

🗻 Silver / Gray - Perseverance, maturity, and diffusion. The color of composure.

Shades of Black and White 💍💍💍

Back to the more traditional colors, black and white also have important meanings behind them:

🦢 White - Purity, cleanliness, and innocence. The color of clarity.

🐘 Ivory - Softness and pleasantness. The color of inner warmth.

🕶️ Black - Sensuality and sophistication; secret and elegant. The color of mystery.

(but be wary of wearing all black as this is intended for funerals in some cultures 😬)

It’s What They Mean To You

Now I know I’m somewhat cheating when I say the color choice and its meaning are ultimately up to you, but it’s true. The color you wear at your wedding is simply another part of the overall picture of the wedding you want. They aren’t set rules, and meanings can change as time goes on (albeit very slowly). But colors can be much more than just symbolizing ideas of wealth or purity.

Your choice in purple could be a call back to an amazing memory you shared with your significant other during your first date, a holiday, or on a shared day that simply stayed with you. You could wear pink because that’s the color you wore when the proposal was made, or green because you shared your first kiss under a tree.

(And don’t think you’re forced to be so eloquent about your color choice. There’s no essay required to pick a color. Sometimes the colors just speak to you and your soon-to-be husband or wife! They could be something as simple as your lucky colors. 🙈)

Remember you can mix and match the colors themselves! There’s an entire spectrum under the rainbow for you to work with. At the end of the day, your wedding dress or tuxedo’s color can be a symbol of your own relationship and the things that made it stand out to you in your life.

So pick the colors that speak to you because the color that makes you feel good will make your wedding feel amazing!

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