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Why You Still Have Plenty of Options For Wedding Planning in Las Vegas For 2020

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Despite the challenging year 2020 has been proving to be thus far, eager couples still have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to planning their dream wedding. With an understanding of what they can and can’t do during the current global situation, brides and grooms alike can find their planners and ministers, attain their marriage licenses, and celebrate their special day in Las Vegas.

What’s Possible and What’s Not

As of early August 2020, the state of Nevada is still in phase 2 of a partial lockdown. Based on statements from Governor Sisolak:

Private and public gatherings are not allowed to reach more than 50 people, while continuing to follow social distancing

It’s also important to know that the following establishments are still closed:

  • Adult entertainment establishments

  • Brothels

  • Nightclubs and day clubs

  • Live sporting event venues and live performance venues with spectators

  • Bars or bar areas

And of course there’s the all important mandatory wearing of face masks in publicly accessible areas.

(But in case you were wondering, salons and other services that provide aesthetic or other skin services are open, so yes you can still look good on your wedding day! 😉)

Just remember that restrictions may change for better or for worse within a month or even week's time, so be on the look out for any breaking news relating to health-related restrictions in Nevada.

Large weddings in chapels, churches, or other wedding venues can be difficult to come by with such limitations; however if you do a bit of creativity you can still create the fantastic wedding you’ve been wanting to have.

You Still Have Options, In Chapels and Outdoors

First thing’s first. If you’re going to get married, consider keeping the number of guests small. It will save you all the logistical headaches that can come when you want to invite the entire extended family and every friend circle you know.

(Plus there’s never been a better reason to decline inviting that one person you’ve only said hi to once because they happened to be so-and-so’s second-cousin’s-roommate-once-removed.)

Next you’ll want to consider the location. Be creative! There’s plenty of packages and venues still available to create the wedding of your dreams. In a totally not obvious moment of self promotion: we actually offer wedding packages that will, at the very least, give you a range of ideas that you can play with to form the type of wedding that’s both breathtaking and feasible.

Check out the kind of features that come with:

Round-trips in super stretch limousine transportation and professional photo sessions are always something on the table, not to mention getting the bouquet and the wedding music just right.

(And how could we say we’re VIP Weddings Las Vegas without mentioning Elvis can personally walk you down the aisle!)

Bring The Minister To You

Ever hear of a mobile minister or an officiant? That’s the person who can bring the wedding straight to you! There’s plenty to choose from in Las Vegas, and they can arrive to perform the wedding ceremony in both private and public places. Some mobile ministers and officiants also offer convenient wedding packages that can make the event better than you would have otherwise imagined.

The Mobile Minister Las Vegas is one such example, but there are plenty of others to find the right officiant for you.

Don’t Forget Streaming!

Look into some streaming services and speak with your wedding planner about how you can broadcast your wedding to loved ones who can’t attend physically. With the internet becoming more easily accessible each day, having your wedding available online and streamed is a helpful option to include, so your day can be enjoyed by the whole family and friend circle!

There are plenty of services like Zoom or Skype that can be utilized for your wedding.

Remember, when it comes to preparing your special day, you don’t have to be limited by the current restrictions, only with how creative you want to be for your wedding!

But What About Marriage Licenses?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our step-by-step guide on attaining a marriage license the legal way! (Be sure to double check any potential closure restrictions on The Clark County Marriage Bureau as opening times may have changed)

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