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Why The Engagement Matters

So you want to get married, and now the two of you are engaged. But what is so important about the engagement period before the wedding? Everything! Here are some top reasons why the engagement matters just as much as the wedding itself!

Proving Your Relationship

It’s the build up for your wedding! As other blogs have mentioned, it’s the period between “Yes” and “I do,” which means there will be lots of planning and life choices to make in preparing for your wedding day. Think of it as the crucial time when the two of you are proving to one another that you will be committed for the day when you walk down the aisle. Depending on how long you want your engagement to be depends on how long you are willing to put in the time and effort to prove your relationship can weather through any storm and overcome any challenges.

Bringing the Families and Friends Together

The engagement is focused mainly on the two of you becoming a married couple, but that also means it will bring your social circles a lot closer. As the saying goes, “You are marrying the family,” be ready to have some more contact and communication with family members and friends from your significant other.

Wedding Planning Happens Here

Of course when you get engaged, you’ll have to start planning for your wedding sometime soon. A wedding means a lot of things, and commitment to a budget, guest list, venue, and dates are some of them. As the engagement period lasts until the wedding day, you’ll want to be sure you are comfortable with however close or far away your wedding date will be.

It’s A Big Personal Step

Things won’t be the same after your wedding, and that’s a good thing! It’s why weddings are such an important celebration of your love. It takes a lot of courage and devotion to be able to go into married life, and that means a lot of personal growth is headed your way. Think of it as another important time in your life to think about your future and what direction you want to go in with your soon-to-be spouse by your side.

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