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Why Las Vegas Is An Ideal Wedding Location

As wedding planning is still somewhat up in the air with current pandemic-related restrictions, plenty of engaged and eager couples are rethinking locations and venues for their special day. If you're one of these couples, and you're looking for an exciting and ideal destination to officially tie the knot, here are some reasons why the city of Las Vegas may very well be the place you're looking for!

1) It's a Photogenic City

Las Vegas is home to many great locales and photo-taking spots. It is home to the Bellagio fountain, the Eiffel Tower (not the one in France!), and plenty of bright casinos and hotels with their own unique photographic hotspots. If you're not into taking pictures directly in the city, there are plenty of scenic and landscape areas to get an amazing picture of the American Southwest!

2) The 24/7 Night Life

This is one of those cities that "never sleeps," as Las Vegas is built on hotels, resorts, and casinos that feature all kinds of shows, performances, and services that allow couples and groups to enjoy everything the city has to offer. If you want a wide range of possibilities for your wedding, reception, and even pre or post wedding vacation, this is the place to do it! Not to mention it's got the classic Elvis flair and plenty of recent pop-music influence.

3) It's Next Door to National Landmarks & National Parks

Even if you're not a city person, Las Vegas is a great launching point to take in plenty of great American Southwest landmarks and national parks. The Hoover Dam is less than an hour away, and a day trip to the Grand Canyon itself is within budget. There is also Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and Mt. Charleston to name a few hiking prone and nature filled locations for all you outdoor lovers. Just be sure to you are prepared for the weather, additional travel, and all the necessary steps needed for a safe visit!

4) Plenty of Wedding & Hotel Accommodations

As mentioned before, Las Vegas is a photogenic city with a vibrant nightlife. Along with much of its revenue coming from tourism, the city is filled with loads of hotel and wedding options. Especially with the current situation (as of October 2020) hotels are including great pricing and lots of deals to make your travel to Las Vegas much easier on the bank.

If you're looking for great wedding options, VIP Weddings Las Vegas has multiple packages for wedding-goers of any kind! Check out our options as well as reach out to us for any questions you might have!

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