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When Is The Best Time To Get Married In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas can be the perfect location for you wedding goers, but do you know when is a good time? For all you couples looking to get married in Las Vegas, here are some tips to know when may be an ideal month for you to plan your wedding date.

It’s Mostly The Weather

When it comes to seasons, the spring and fall are often the big winners for marriages in Las Vegas, specifically between April and May or September and October. The weather itself is not too hot compared with the summer months, when flash floods are more likely to occur than any other time of the year, and oftentimes the winter months can be a little bit on the cold side.

If you want to be sure you aren’t freezing in your wedding gown or sweating out of your tuxedo, then it’s advised you enjoy your wedding during a more temperate spring or fall month when the weather is much more manageable.

However! If you’re looking for some great discounts, then the summer months are when you’ll be able to find them, and if you’re the couple who likes lounging in the pool then summertime may be right for you. Likewise, if you’re accustomed to the cold weather, then Las Vegas during the winter months can be an easy adjustment, as it almost never snows here. If you enjoy putting on an extra layer of clothing, then the late fall or winter time can be worked into your wedding schedule.

Consider The Paperwork

Regardless of the time of year, you will need to legally file for marriage in Clark County for your Las Vegas wedding. It doesn’t take too much planning ahead and can be done with relative ease when you follow these tips on the filing process to ensure your wedding gets legally recognized.

Just be sure you are able to fit it into your overall schedule, and luckily for wedding couples, the Clark County Marriage Bureau is open 365 days out of the year!

Traveling & Availability

If Las Vegas is a destination wedding, then you certainly want to take into consideration the business of the holiday season. Oftentimes the end/beginning of the year is one of the most expensive times to travel, so having a wedding during that time would likely eat up the wedding budget, not just for the traveling itself but for hotel accommodations.

Also consider the availability of you, your guests, and even your wedding planner! The holiday season is often a busy time in general so placing your wedding date around this time will mean everyone invited will have to work their schedule around the holidays to ensure they can arrive.

If you are planning on inviting children or college age adults to the wedding then sometime during summer break would help prevent any serious attendance issues.

Remember the Basics

No matter what month or season you want for your Las Vegas wedding, it’s still important that you spend enough time planning for the wedding, which means getting the venue reserved, the catering sorted out, and giving your wedding attendees enough time to receive invitations and RSVP. Depending on how much you really want to go all in for your wedding, it could be roughly six months to a year of active wedding budgeting and planning if this is a destination wedding!

So if you have an ideal date in mind, then make sure you start early so you can avoid any potential postponements and end up marrying at a time of year you weren't expecting.

But if you’re looking for some help in planning your wedding, we’ve got you covered! Contact us for some Las Vegas expertise, and feel free to check out additional wedding tips that can save you big money!

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