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What You Need For Your Wedding Website

It’s crucial to put in your wedding checklist to have a wedding website. It’s one of the easiest ways to convey all the necessary wedding information to any guest or curious family member or friend, and it will help put your mark on digital space that your wedding is the real deal. Here are some important pieces of information that you should have on your wedding website to minimize any unexpected planning hiccups.

The Wedding’s Location & Travel Information

Having your set wedding dates and your wedding venue details are the most important bits of info to put on the website. You don’t need to place the exact address of the location if you’re worried about any wedding crashers, but having enough information for your guests to remember when and where they need to go will prevent the headache of constantly having to remind them when they give you a call.

Lodging Details and Local Activities

If this will be a destination wedding or a wedding with plenty of people traveling in to attend your wedding, be sure the lodging details are available on your website. It makes things much easier on the guests when they know where to contact and get their accommodations in order. It’s also helpful to include what people can do while in town before and after the wedding.

The Wedding Timeline

Of course people will know where to go and when, but if they don’t have a schedule for the wedding day, they may arrive a little too early or a little too late. There may also be some confusion on what the agenda is like for the wedding day itself, so having the schedule available will save some ceremony and wedding reception confusion.

How to Contact You

Make sure your guests and other important people have access to your contact info in case they need to reach out for anything important. You don’t have to use your regular contact info, in fact it’s preferred if you create an email address dedicated to the wedding to help funnel messages and emails about the wedding.

Your Love Story & Pictures of You and Your Partner

What would a wedding website be without some information on the most important part of the entire event? Be sure to also have pictures of you and your partner to better display yourselves and bring the wedding website to life!

Other important wedding website information includes details on any additional wedding-related events open for the public (avoid posting any information about invite-only events), dress code details, honeymoon plans, and any important announcements or updates as the wedding goes on.

Oh, and one more thing! Your wedding registry should be made available on the website. This will make receiving those wedding gifts all the more likely!

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