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What Should I Ask My Wedding Planner?

Weddings are no laughing matter, and with wedding comes lots of planning. As you may already know, wedding planning is an entire profession in itself with thousands of wedding experts lined up to bring their clients the weddings they’ve always wanted.

So when you’re prepared to sit down with your wedding planner, how do you begin? Here are some of the need-to-discuss topics when getting started on planning your wedding!

Service & Involvement

One of the first things you should ask your wedding planner are the services they provide and to what extent those wedding planning services cover. Once you get a good picture of how they can make your wedding planning dreams a reality, it’s a good idea to ask how much you can be involved in the planning process itself.

Some wedding planners are very hands-on and can take care of everything on their own, while other wedding planners are much more laissez-faire and let you lead the way with certain decisions, in addition to letting other close relatives or friends get in on the wedding planning process. Just make sure you aren’t doing all the planning yourself, otherwise the wedding planner might be stuck doing a lot of nothing!

After you get a basic understanding of what your wedding planner can do for you then you can lead into one of the most important areas of discussion.

Money Basics

Everyone wants to make sure they’re getting the best deal, so being upfront about costs and how much you’re able to pay is crucial to getting the wedding planning right. You should ask your wedding planner what costs will be involved for wedding planning as well as what kind of payments are expected over the course of the wedding planning process.

This is a good time to get an understanding of how far your wedding budget can go and look for ways to make it comfortable for both you and your partner. Other important details like payment terms, deposits, and even knowing the exact details of how vendors and venues will be paid will come into play when you discuss money. Some wedding planners let the couple pay for the vendors and venues while others will pay them and simply add the expenses to how much you pay for the wedding planning service.

Their Work Style

Communication is key when working with anyone on planning, and that is especially important when it comes to your wedding planner. Ask questions about how they organize and plan weddings, including previous experiences in wedding planning and how they usually communicate and plan with clients. Some wedding planners rely more on messaging and emails for better record keeping of what kind of wedding you and your partner are after whereas other wedding planners are constantly setting up meetings and opportunities to discuss ideas.

Ideally your wedding planner’s work style will match well with yours, and when you both can communicate what you want and how it can be accomplished, your wedding can only become much more memorable as a result.

Let Them Know Your Wedding Ideas

Of course this goes into the topic of what you actually want for your wedding. Your wedding planner isn’t just a person to set appointments and confirm venues and vendors, but they’re usually someone who has lots of great advice and experience to give. Ask your wedding planner on their thoughts about what you want for your wedding. Knowing what parts of your wedding you really want will help them get a better understanding of how to work with you and give you the type of wedding you’ve been looking for your whole life.

It’s also helpful to listen to a professional on what’s realistic and what may simply end up as an overblown expense on your wedding budget. After discussing these basic topics with your wedding planner, you will certainly be able to move on to getting to work on making your wedding dreams a reality!

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