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What Most Couples Forget For The Wedding

There’s plenty of things engaged couples need to do in the coming months of the wedding. From getting the budget straightened out to picking the wedding gown or tuxedo to ensuring all the guests have RSVP’d, newlyweds have too many details to keep up their wedding planning.

Of course this is where professionals come in, but for those couples who have that deep pit in their stomach that something is missing, we’ve collected a list of possibly one of the things you may have forgotten to prepare for your wedding!

Extra Cash For The Budget

Everyone thinks they have their budget prepared for their wedding until they realize how much the hidden costs add up to be, and no, I don’t mean one big extra expense the bride or groom didn’t see coming. There’s a myriad of unexpected fees, additional costs, and last minute exchanges or purchases that can easily break through your budget limit. Be sure you save an extra 5% or more to go to your wedding budget to cover these unpleasant costs.

Knowing The Decor Limits

The wedding venue is a place for decoration, but double check with what the venue allows for the canvas of your marriage. Some venues have a limit on how much decor can actually be placed while others may charge extra for certain pieces. Make sure you check what you can and cannot do at your wedding venue before hanging up every flower and wall piece.

Keeping Your Wedding Website Updated

Most couples know to have a wedding website. It’s a great way to provide guests or other interested friends and family all the information about your upcoming wedding, but do most couples remember to update it whenever details change? Not always. So be sure you are keeping your guests and others in the loop with an update or two.

The Email & Messaging Blowup

There won’t just be the need the update your wedding website, you’ll also get bombarded with messages, phone calls, and emails about your wedding. From contact with vendors and wedding planners, to your second cousin twice removed leaving you voicemails congratulating you on the engagement, you will have to deal with a sudden boost in digital popularity. Make sure you deal with all of the important wedding planning stuff before trying to ignore your emails for a while.

Making Timelines

There’s two timelines that are important for planning weddings, a timeline of your wedding planning during the months leading up to it and a timeline of the wedding day itself. If you don’t have either of these set up, it’s important to do so. You’ll be able to plan ahead when you want to pick your wedding dress or tuxedo along with ensuring you have enough time to send out guest invitations. Imagine not knowing what time everyone’s expected to dance at the reception!

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