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Wedding Trends You Should Avoid

Here are the things your wedding doesn’t need to adopt in order to be a successful one!

Annoying Hashtags

Everyone is tempted to make use of hashtags for their wedding, especially with social media being at the palm of everyone’s hands. But don’t be fooled! Trying to create witty and complex hashtags to get your wedding trending is a big signal to people that you’re trying really hard to get your wedding popular online. If you want a hashtag, keep it simple! Your wedding is something that you want your family and friends to remember, not the entire internet.

Dramatic Entrances

People like to think they should add flair to their wedding by creating an unforgettable and dramatic entrance of the bride or groom, but you’d often forget that the simple act of walking down the aisle is in itself a dramatic entrance. The wedding is full of dramatic moments in the ceremony and the reception, so there’s no need to make things overly theatrical and create a show stopping entrance. Plus you’d be surprised to find out how easy it is for dramatic entrances to fall flat on the wedding guests!

Complicated Instructions

This includes creating poems to ask for wedding gifts or making overly wordy and creative dress codes. No one likes to have to decipher what it is you want or are asking them to do at your wedding. Communicating with clarity is one of the key aspects to getting a wedding right, both in planning and during the wedding itself.

Making A Trend The Centerpiece of The Wedding

There’s nothing wrong with having a doughnut hole, dress changes, monograms, or any other quirky aspect to your wedding, but make sure they don’t steal attention away from the wedding itself. Making a trend too central to the wedding ceremony or reception can easily come off as tacky and may not age well on wedding photos and recordings.

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