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Water Drinking Stations For Your Wedding

Staying hydrated sounds like something you wouldn’t ever need to worry about when it comes to your wedding, but throughout the day, someone is bound to get a little thirsty, even if it’s just a few sips.

Placing areas for your wedding guests (not to mention you and your partner) to get a nice refreshment can be much more interesting than a trip to the water cooler. Adding some flair to your wedding’s drink stations can really bring out your wedding theme and make your wedding all the more memorable for you and your wedding guests.

Here are some simple tips to keep you and your guests hydrated with ease and style!

More Than Water

Having water available is great, but don’t forget you can add much more than just water. Your favorite soft drinks, juices, and mixed drinks can really add value to your designated water station. If you’re open to drinking almost any kind of beverage and are tempted to bring in a whole storefront of drinks, then you would want to narrow down the choices to about 5 or 6 different types of drinks. This will help to not only keep things consistent but to save your purse from spending too much money for too much variety.

If you’ve organized for alcoholic drinks, then consider having a separate location for these so as not to get anyone confused which drinks will get them tipsy. It’s also helpful to keep these available only after the ceremony and during the reception, which will help keep a sober audience for your I do’s and lets you have some control over the alcohol consumption during the wedding overall.

Signage & Decor

Part of what makes a wedding easy to manage is having everything labeled and organized. If your guests know where the entrance, exit, and bathrooms are, then you’ll have much less of a headache if one or more of your guests need to do anything at the wedding. That goes for where water is available!

Make sure your signage is obvious enough for people to know where and how to get their drinks. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to incorporate your drinking area with your wedding theme. This will help your drinking station stick out less while still being visible to everyone in the area.

Drink Containers, Accessories, & Simplicity

You can really get creative with how your drinks are contained. There are plenty of different types of drink containers out there, and your cups can really help spruce up the design of your drinking station. Having your drinks in a transparent container is always a good idea, as people may be hesitant to drink any unique mixes or cocktails if they aren’t able to see what it looks like.

Displaying fruits, ice cubes, and some other nice vegetables like cucumbers within your drink containers can also make your drinks healthy and more appealing for the drinking station. Don’t forget to keep trash and recycle bins nearby to prevent the temptation of littering.

Overall, make your water drinking stations look like an exciting place for guests to enjoy their beverages while making sure everyone stays hydrated for the wedding. From the time the ceremony begins until the last dance of the night, there is bound to be a few guests that will need a quick sip of a nice drink.

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