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Why Unplugged Weddings Are More Memorable

Weddings are a time for family, relationships, and togetherness, and your wedding can be an amazing expression of your love with your soon-to-be spouse. So when it comes to constant activity on social media, messaging, and picture taking, it can be really easy to miss these incredible moments.

That’s why some couples are now opting for “unplugged” weddings, where everyone in attendance can put their devices aside and actually experience the moment. If this sounds like the kind of wedding option you want to have for your special day, here are some reasons why unplugged weddings can really bring in the magic.

Less Distractions & Less Stress

Let’s face it; our phones are pretty distracting devices. According to research from RescueTime, people spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day. That’s three hours and 15 minutes of your wedding day lost to scrolling on the phone or everyone trying to take the same picture. With an unplugged wedding, you can keep everyone away from the constant chit-chat of social media and texting and actually let your wedding guests live in the moment during your wedding.

Constant exposure to the latest news and being “on-call” for any new emails or messages also create more anxiety or stress on some of the more avid phone users, so there’s another great reason to let people be prepared to surrender their phone (temporarily of course) when arriving at your wedding.

Let The Professionals Take The Photos

Everyone’s a self proclaimed photographer when everyone’s phone has a camera, but most people’s picture taking talents go beyond the casual selfie or unflattering photos of their surroundings. If everyone’s trying to capture the moment, chances are they aren’t experiencing the moment itself. Plus this can cause distractions for your professional photographer or videographer who is actually trained and paid to get the photos you want at your wedding.

The fewer phones are flashing, the more your wedding guests will truly be present at your wedding, which gives you much more genuine attention throughout the ceremony and reception.

Everyone Can Actually Enjoy Your Wedding

As mentioned previously, people are often distracted with their phones on a daily basis. Sometimes it gets so bad that people might consider scrolling all day on your phone a type of personality. But when you take away the phone, you can give people the opportunity to truly be present at the event, and this means people can take a more active role in making the wedding a living event.

Letting people part with the phones for part of their day can cause a chain reaction of family and friends actually starting up conversations and realizing they may genuinely enjoy one another’s company, and this can be a great family/friend bonding moment that they can take with them long after the ceremony and reception are over.

If you’re worried that too many wedding guests may object to the unplugged wedding option, then it doesn’t have to be made for the entire wedding! Some couples limit this rule to the ceremony, where it makes the most sense to be attentive and witness the magic of a couple getting married.

Looking for more wedding tips? Contact us or check out our packages to see how you can make your Las Vegas wedding dreams a reality!

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