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The Best Exit Ideas To Leave Your Wedding In Style

The last part of the wedding is the grand send off, the moment when you and your partner have done everything there is to do at your wedding. The classic rice throwing and a getaway car at the end of the ceremony or reception is the usual way wedding couples opt for a wedding exit, but there are a lot more options out there for you to choose!

Let your wedding exit be just as memorable as your wedding entrance with some of these fun and excellent ideas.

Get Away Vehicle

Since most wedding exits involve a vehicle, most wedding couples already have an idea in mind when it comes to picturing their getaway car, but it doesn’t always have to be a car. From vintage cars, to a fancy limousine, and to even horseback riding or a motorcycle getaway, you can create any kind of getaway vehicle that’s feasible and unique to your wedding.

If you’re going for a more decorated look, a decked out truck bed can give you lots of options of how to decorate your send off from the wedding.

Decorate a lovely vehicle with the classic “Just Married” sign on the back, or any sign you’d like to really show off your wedding message to the world. Having flowers, greenery, or balloons also brings out the best in the getaway vehicle. At VIP Weddings Las Vegas, we can even schedule a helicopter tour for your wedding in Las Vegas itself!

Props for The Wedding Guests

What better way to make your wedding exit a fun moment for everyone than to let them get in on the festivities? Using props like rice, flower petals, and confetti help to give your wedding guests something fun to use when celebrating your final wedding moments.

Other props activities include flag or handkerchief waving, champagne opening, smoke bombing, and even palm fanning if you’re in a more tropical locale. A great way to find out which prop to use for your wedding can be to match what your wedding theme is all about (or you can match your wedding prop with the location of the venue if the climate or culture is unique).

Another great prop you can use is releasing doves together, as in some cultures this is used to symbolize good fortune and a happy and long marriage for the wedding couple.

Lightning & Sounds

Candles, sparklers, and even sky lanterns are just some of the ways you can have a great send off. If your wedding concludes at night, then using one of these will be ideal to help illuminate your wedding exit. If you want to avoid using flames, consider some LED light alternatives to keep the wedding lit without the worry of any burns.

Ringing bells and even someone playing some music can set the mood even higher, as sounds are also a great way to signal the final moments of your wedding and your first steps into married life.

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