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Tasty Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is like icing to the cake of your wedding and serves as the first food of a married couple who share one another a piece just as they now share a part of each other’s lives together. But what if you’re not necessarily a fan of traditional wedding cakes?

What if you’re looking for something a little more creative than the standard? Here are some alternatives to wedding cakes that can really make your wedding guests say, “Wow!”

The Other Cakes

One the most well known alternatives to traditional wedding cakes is the cheesecake. It’s a great option for most couples who want something with a little more pizazz while still maintaining the basic cake form. Cheesecakes are much more open to personalized styles and extra toppings that don’t always work with traditional wedding cakes. (There are also vegan friendly and dairy free options when it comes to cheesecakes so no one misses out on the dish!)

Other cake options include individual style cakes, which opens the door to having multiple cakes with varying flavors, toppings, and mixes. This works especially if you can’t quite decide on one single cake option. If you’re really going for a more dessert style cake, believe it or not, but there are wedding cupcake options available as well!

The Dessert Bonanza

Speaking of dessert, there are loads of creative wedding cake alternatives that are based on classic and more high class desserts. One excellent idea is setting up your own dessert table or candy bar to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dressed up mini desserts and flavorful types of candy can really bring your food theme together.

For the main wedding cake itself, you have a lot to work with. Doughnut cakes, chocolate cream puffs, and even the impeccable rice crispy themed cake will show how far you can take the idea of a wedding cake, not to mention all sorts of topping and frosting ideas to add to the final product.

Macarons, cake pops, and the wedding croquembouche are other ideas you and play around with to make your taste buds cry tears of joy.

Breakfast For Your Wedding?

It might be the last thing on your mind, but breakfast lovers should consider having a pancake themed wedding cake, complete with whipped cream, fruit of your choice, and mouth watering syrup.

You can also consider other replacement options for your wedding cake, including a wedding pie, brownies, and even wedding biscuits. The possibilities are nearly endless if you put enough planning behind your ideal wedding cake.

Just be sure you plan things ahead with the wedding baker or catering services to ensure your wedding cake ideas are feasible, as some wedding cake and dessert options require additional care in delivery, setup, and even more subtle things like temperature! All in all your wedding cake ideas don’t have to be limited to the traditional wedding cake, and with enough preparation you can pull off a memorable wedding cake serving.

But what’s the best way to pick out your wedding cake? We’ve got you covered with the tips and tricks to picking your ideal wedding cake.

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