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Should You Postpone Your Wedding Date?

Here are some telltale signs that you and your partner should switch the date to give yourself the time needed to make sure your wedding has its planning, venue, and mood prepared.

If you’ve been experiencing one or more of the following, then have a second thought about whether or not your wedding date is as good as it can be!

Your Location Cannot Be Set

It’s vital that your wedding venue is set for you to have your wedding. If you’ve been struggling to nail down a location or have been stuck on waiting for the right one to become available, then you’d probably want to consider changing your wedding dates. The wedding venue is one of the key aspects to having a wedding, and it will be difficult if not impossible to plan your wedding if you are unable to have a set location.

No One Can Come

You cannot have a genuine wedding without a witness, and if you’ve run into the problem of too many guests being unable to come (or simply the must-have guests) then you might want to consider moving the wedding dates. It’s better to compromise and find a better wedding date that your loved ones can attend rather than having your once-in-a-lifetime wedding happen with no one around to be part of it.

Logistical Problems Keep Piling Up

The wedding planning can become a real drag if the logistics of the wedding become an ongoing problem. From key entertainers and caterers having to pull out to the wedding dress or wedding decor being difficult to find, there’s a variety of small problems that can add up to a big wedding planning disaster. If you’re one of these couples that just can’t seem to get key parts of the wedding figured out and organized, then it might be better to push the dates back and reassess how the wedding planning is done.

(And for a bit of shameless self promotion, we are always available for wedding planning assistance to alleviate this sort of problem! It could prevent you and your loving soon-to-be spouse from having to postpone in the first place.)

Financial Hardship

If you’ve come under recent financial stress and the budget begins to look like something that needs to be reassessed, then a wedding may only add to the current troubles. That’s not to say you have to postpone the wedding if money becomes tight for a while, but if you have exhausted all necessary budget cuts and downsizing the wedding then it would be a smart move to hold off on the marriage until you both have resolved any financial issues.

Unexpected News

This includes a global pandemic! If either you or your significant other experience a sudden change in daily life, whether it be a shift in careers, moving, or family issues like the unfortunate reality of a death in the family, it’s probably for the best that the two of you consider moving the dates to give you time to adjust and deal with the many unexpected things life throws at you.

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