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Should I Do A Holiday-Themed Wedding?

Almost everyone loves the holiday season! It’s time for shopping, spending time with family, getting ready for Christmas breaks and extra time off, so why not have a wedding to match this festive season? Well, it’s a little more nuanced than you may think, as the holidays come with some amazing advantages and need-to-know drawbacks.

Here are the pros and cons when considering a wedding during the holiday season may be right for you!

The Pros

Once In A Year Theme

This is a unique theme that only comes by once a year! Embrace your inner Santa with some festive decorations that can really stand out among other weddings, including holiday themed food, decorations, and outfits. There's plenty of holiday music that comes around this time of year, so you’ll have your style of music covered!

Cheaper Wedding Deals

Weddings are usually less popular during the holiday season so you’re more likely to encounter a better opportunity for a cheaper wedding venue. Now this only covers the wedding itself; if you’re looking to have a large reception or any party then rates will almost certainly be higher as this is a popular time of the year to reserve large get-togethers.

Winter Wonderland

Snow can be a pro or a con, depending if you’re a winter lover, but if you’re reading this article then chances are you are looking forward to getting some amazing wedding pics in the white winter background. If your wedding is in a snow prone location, then you may have the opportunity to have a snow covered wedding! Now that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Family and Friends Are Available

More people are available during this time of year, so if you get married close to the holidays, then chances are plenty of your desired attendees can squeeze in the extra day or two to be there on your special day.

The Cons

Travel Costs Are Higher

Everyone is traveling to spend time with friends and family (or for taking their much needed vacations), so be wary of increased traffic everywhere. Costs to travel (and even costs of many services in general) spike during this busy time of year, so making wedding plans that are a holiday destination may end up costing a lot more than you would expect.

Darker Time of Year (Literally!)

It’s one thing to note that your wedding will either take place partly at night time or will have to be during the delicate hours of daylight! Winter time means nighttime is here to stay much longer, and so if you’re okay with having to plan for more lighting and some after dark festivities, then be sure to plan ahead! (However this doesn’t count for all you couples living in the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s actually summer time during the holidays!)

Everyone Is Busy

When it comes to planning out a wedding, everyone is already preoccupied with their holiday shopping and planning. This means organizing everything you need, from catering to decorations, to picking out the dress will take a lot more careful planning to ensure the wedding all comes together.

Weather Troubles

As mentioned earlier, snow can be a pro or a con, and if your wedding takes place during a blizzard, then you may end up having to push the dates back (or else risk getting snowed in at your own wedding)! Another weather worry to look out for is rain, especially the cold kind. Rain is already bad for your wedding gowns, dresses, and tuxedos, but cold to freezing rain just makes it worse. Be aware of weather conditions during your wedding day to minimize the risk of weather troubles!

Whatever you decide your wedding theme to be, whether it be holiday-themed or not, make sure it’s the wedding you’ve always wanted!

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