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Pros and Cons of An Outdoor Wedding

So you want to have an outdoor wedding? It sounds like a wonderful part of the wedding fantasy coming true, but there are plenty of perks and drawbacks when making the choice to hold the ceremony outdoors. Here are some arguments for and against having your wedding ceremony take place under the sun.

The Pros

Guest Accommodations

Oftentimes wedding venues have limits to its room capacity, and outdoor weddings offer a great opportunity to allow larger parties to enjoy not only the ceremony but also some fresh air! Be sure to find the wedding venue that has a large outdoor setting that can suit your wedding needs.

Scenery & Lighting

If you enjoy the open space, then you will have plenty of room to take in all the natural sights and sounds at an outdoor wedding. Natural lighting at the right time of day can make the wedding look picture-perfect and can produce amazing photos and videos. It also provides a great scene for children to play around without being constrained to their seating area.

Design Options Can Be Minimal or Maximal

When you have an outdoor wedding, oftentimes the scenery itself can be enough to serve as the decor or backdrop of the event. You can save costs on decor by allowing nature to take the reins, or if you prefer, you can add unique outdoor designs and activities to make the area full of life.

The Cons

Weather Worries

It is an obvious point that the entire ceremony will be at the mercy of fair weather conditions. Weather patterns can often be unpredictable depending on your location, so if you’re someone who wants to avoid a stormy “I do,” then you may have to work the wedding location in an often sunny or otherwise pleasant location along with a backup plan in case weather does get in the way of your special moment.

Potential for Additional Costs

Moving location to an outdoor wedding means moving out all the things that often come with it. Portable restrooms, tables, food, and chairs would normally need to be provided in an outdoor setting which can possibly add to the wedding budget depending on your venue. There is also the need for renting out wedding tents if you need to shelter your guests from the elements. Make sure you check on what additional costs arise when it comes to having your wedding outdoors.

Pests & Bugs Of course this would come up! Being outdoors means being out in nature, and that means the possibility of dealing with all sorts of uninvited guests. Mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying creatures may be present at your wedding, so make some preparations to be sure that they do minimal damage to you and your guests’ convenience.

Not Sure? Consult Your Wallet!

In the end, if you aren’t sure whether you want an outdoor wedding or indoor wedding, then take a look at your finances to see how much your budget can handle. Depending on how you want your wedding to be planned, the costs can make your break what type of wedding you can have. Outdoor weddings can take additional time to plan as the ability to have an outdoor wedding can be limited by season.

In the end, if you know deep down that an outdoor wedding is for you, then you can plan ahead and be prepared to face all the cons and reap the benefits of all the pros!

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