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New Year's Themed Wedding Guide

With the new year in effect, people are looking for a fresh start with new ideas. The new year is a time for new beginnings, turning to new directions, and starting new things. For some wedding couples, New Year’s Eve may represent a time to turn the page to a new chapter in life, and what better way to show that than through a New Year’s Eve Themed wedding?

If you’re one of those couples that have ideas to make a new year dream match their wedding date, here are some incredible ideas that can make your wedding a new year reality.

Create A Memorable Wedding

One of the key aspects of New Year’s Eve is where you decide to celebrate the holiday. For a New Year’s Eve themed wedding, look for venues that can give you an excellent view of fireworks in a city near you. If you find the right venue, you can go even further and set up a fireworks show at your own wedding! Just be sure you follow all permit and permission requirements to ensure you don’t end up in any legal trouble afterwards.

If you’re planning to go out to experience the countdown in a special location after the wedding, look into a New Year's Bus which usually gives its riders free rides to certain locations on the holiday itself. If you’re a Las Vegas resident, the RTC offers free bus rides to multiple spots, letting you and your wedding attendees take advantage of the holiday and your wedding to stop by a real hot topic destination!

One other thing to be mindful of is a location for the kids if you plan to have them at the wedding. Since New Year’s Eve is often a time of year when families are together, chances are that the kids will be around. So be sure you have a destination or venue in mind that has something the kids can join in on the festivities!

Set The Backdrop

One of the most prominent themes for New Year’s is the sequin style. Make use of the glitter and glam to really show off the backdrop of sparkles for your wedding. They can really add to the look of your wedding by mimicking the flare of fireworks.

Be sure to incorporate gold and silver colors into your wedding decor along with various shades of black and white to pull off the metallic look of New Year’s decor. They are absolutely key to giving your wedding that holiday theme, and you can make it look even more festive with cinema style text and star decorations.

Make Full Use of Props & Activities

From the traditional confetti and balloons to the more creative fairy lights and champagne/wine shaped decor, your New Year’s themed wedding can take on many props. Other great lightning ideas include a cinema lightbox or even neon signage to give it that regal early 20th century appearance that New Year’s Eve is associated with.

For some fun New Year’s Eve activities, drinkers and dancers will really have fun at this wedding. As a double whammy for both a wedding and a holiday, wedding themed party games and other group activities are highly encouraged.

Looking for more feasible tips on planning your wedding around the winter time? Check out our pros and cons to having a wedding during the holiday season!

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