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Including Your Future In-Laws For The Wedding

Weddings are a time for love, celebration, and family, so it’s a no brainer that many members of the family, near and far, will want to get involved for your wedding day. If your soon-to-be spouse has a close relationship with his or her parents, then chances are they will probably want to be able to lend a helping hand when it comes to planning the wedding.

From involvement in wedding planning to some great reception moments, here are some ways to get your soon-to-be mother and/or father-in-laws involved in the wedding!

The Wedding Planning & Invitations

Look for unique input for the wedding from your fiancé’s parents. Depending on your situation or tradition, it may be expected for the parents of one of you to be taking care of the wedding expenses. If they are, then it would certainly be good karma to add their names to the invitation letters to show your gratitude for their own contribution to the wedding.

Some other aspects of wedding planning that your future in-laws can also contribute would be providing input for the wedding registry, shopping for the wedding dresses or tuxedos, and of course, being part of the wedding rehearsal if your wedding gives them a prominent part.

Walking Down the Aisle

Even if they are mostly hands-off when it comes to the wedding planning, it’s important to make sure you have this part of the wedding rehearsed at some point. If your soon to be father-in-law is the one expected to walk your fiancé down the aisle, then make sure he’s prepared!

It’s not only a great way to get him involved in the wedding, but it’s also important to make sure there aren’t any hiccups when all eyes are on him and your fiancé, as walking down the aisle is the official starter of the wedding ceremony itself.

Reception Dances

Another great way to have your future in-laws included for the wedding is giving them (and your own parents) a special spot during the reception dances. For some couples, devoting a particular dance time for parents of the wedding couple (and playing a song of their choice) can really highlight their involvement and give them a moment in the spotlight!

Extra Wedding Perks

Oftentimes we like to avoid giving special treatment to certain people, but when it comes to the wedding, giving the parents some extra perks will definitely be appreciated. Some ways you can give your future in-laws priority at the wedding include reserved seating, a well-placed reception table, and unique boutonnieres and corsages.

Along with some special treatment, you can set aside some time for a great wedding photo shoot to add to the photo album. Even a special thank you present to show your appreciation for becoming part of the family can be a wonderful gesture to set the relationship up for success.

And don’t stop there! There are plenty more ways to get on the good side of your future in-laws, but if you’re looking for additional wedding planning ideas, check out our wedding planning options for your wedding in Las Vegas!

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