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How To Propose The Right Way

So you think you’ve found the one? Here are the key steps to be sure you can propose to your loved one and create a lasting and exciting memory to talk about on your wedding day. There’s plenty to know, but knowing the process to propose will help you plan it out and make popping the question all the easier!

Talk About Marriage

Make sure that the two of you are both thinking about marriage. You don’t need to both tell one another that you’re openly wanting to get married to each other (as that can cause some awkward moments if one of you isn’t yet ready to make that leap), but instead you can talk about any friends or family having an engagement or wedding and generally talk about the idea of a wedding in the future.

Maybe even talking about what your dream wedding would look like can spring up some subtle hints and cues that your partner is looking to tie the knot. In the end, you may find the time is right! And if not, then you’ll save yourself from a terrible rejection.

Get The Blessing

If your significant other has a close relationship with their family and has ever indicated that you may need to ask for a blessing, hand in marriage, permission, then you’ll have to have a chat with the parents! You don’t need to demand anything from them per say, but in order to begin the process of proposing, then you may want to simply mention your intentions to spend the rest of your life with their child and how much they mean to you.

Pick the Date & Location

Think about when and where you’ll want to get engaged with your partner. Avoid holidays, as those days are reserved for everyone celebrating something other than your engagement. Instead, go for a date that either holds meaning for the two of you or the best date for acquiring the right locale and time when you’re both ready for an engagement. From here, you can find the best place to get engaged, and this is when your creativity can really shine through!

You can pick an exotic location you’ve both wanted to visit, a rare location that you’ve both already shared wonderful memories, or even a location that seems regular at first but can be transformed into a romantic place that will put you both into the mindset of marriage.

Get Some Help

Whether it’s your loved one’s parents, your own parents, mutual friends, or professionals involved, it’s always good to get some extra hands involved to cover the areas you hadn’t thought about. Getting engaged is one of the most important moments in a relationship (up there if not more important than the wedding itself), so it’s a good idea to have a few extra heads to put together a good proposal plan. Remember, proposing isn’t just about getting on one knee and asking for a hand in marriage, it’s about creating a situation that makes asking that question the most romantic and exciting question your significant other has ever been asked!

Pick the Ring (And Then Hide It)

We already have a guide for those peeps not familiar with how to pick an engagement ring, but we did a little extra research and found out some extra helpful tips.

What’s important is you find out what ring style your significant other truly likes, and some partners may be pretty upfront and give clear signs while others may make it seem like a complete mystery!

Don’t know what ring your lovey dovey likes? Next time the two of you are out shopping at a mall and come across a jewelry store, stop by with an excuse that you’re “just looking for a new watch” or maybe you’re “planning on getting a necklace or some other jewelry for a family member’s birthday.”

As you take a few looks at the merchandise, your partner may drift their attention to the ring area, and if you pay attention and ask if there’s anything they like, they might just give you an idea of the style of engagement ring.

After you’ve gone through purchasing the ring, hide it! Keep it in a safe location that you know your loved one cannot stumble upon, whether that be a locked chest or among other valued locations. A safe deposit box is also another option, which most physical banks have offered at most locations. Check and see what your bank offers and the cost to maintain one each year.

Plan Your Proposal and Practice It

So now you have the location, date, the idea, and the ring all prepared, but now you’ll need to think about how exactly you’re going to lead your special partner into the moment. Think about where at your location the two of you would most enjoy popping the question. Do you prefer in public or a private area? If you still aren’t quite sure how you’ll be able to create the moment for the proposal, then a trip to the location may help! When you are with the people helping you plan the proposal, walk around the location and find the best when and where you’ll want to pop the question. At least then you will be familiar with the situation and won’t choke up as easily when the time comes.

From there you’ll want to write down your actual proposal and practice, practice, practice. The more you practice the more you’ll be ready to say it with ease when the time comes, and make sure you practice beyond memorizing the words! Make sure you can say the words clearly and confidently in front of no one or in front of an entire crowd without having the look at the piece of paper (although keeping some notes on hand when the time comes will be helpful).

Decide if You Are Going to Capture the Moment

Are you having a photographer or videographer capture the moment? Make sure they’re involved in the process long before you are about to propose and have them involved in the planning process so they know exactly when and where to stand when the time comes to record the greatest question you may ever ask!

Make sure you get a good look at the two of you when you get on one knee, your loved one’s reaction, and a close up of the ring itself to encapsulate the entire experience.

Get On Your Knee and Take Your Time!

Now is the moment of truth! You have Most people don’t realize how fast they’re talking, and oftentimes try to match their mouths with how fast they’re thinking. With all the planning and practice you’ve spent on making this moment truly special, this is your opportunity to truly relish the moment. Let things play out as you’ve practiced, and say those words with confidence as you look on your soon-to-be fiancé's shocked and excited face!

If everything falls into place, you’ll get a resounding yes, and you’ll be on your way to creating the ideal wedding for the two of you!

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