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How To Pick Your Wedding Theme

One of the best ways to plan out your wedding decor, dress and tuxedo, as well as your overall appearance of the wedding is to settle on a wedding theme. The wedding theme can help give your wedding ceremony and reception a unique and memorable look and bring everyone a wonderful experience. Here are some things to think about when you are looking to pinpoint what type of wedding theme you’re after!

Know What Your Venue Can Do

It’s important to determine your wedding venue, and one of the key factors to deciding where your wedding will be located is what the venue is capable of doing in terms of decoration and accommodations. Check what limitations your wedding venue has when it comes to these things, and this will help you understand what wedding themes look either more feasible or more challenging to pull off.

Some wedding venues have limits on decor while others are more suited for outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Whatever your preference, be sure you know exactly what your venue’s capabilities are before deciding your wedding theme. It can save you plenty of time and money in the long run!

Choose Your Season

It’s important to pick when you’ll be having your wedding, Looking for a wedding in the springtime? Lighter and brighter colors will be helpful as well as a style that is more open for the outdoors. And of course the fall and winter will work better with darker styles and themes. These are not strict rules, so don’t feel confined to only using themes that match the season. Some of the best wedding themes had their own creative twist to them!

Choose Your Colors

Color is essential to your wedding, and we’ve already covered the topic of colors when it comes to wedding dresses and tuxedos!

But colors are also important to the theme of the wedding, and in doing so you’ll want to be sure your wedding theme can stick to two to three main colors for consistency. Having lots of colors sounds nice, but it can make the act of matching decorations and outfits much more time consuming to make it work. Be sure you pick your main wedding colors to go with your theme!

Choose Your Formality

One extra thing to consider when deciding your wedding theme is the formality of the occasion. Rustic and traditional themes go much more well with more customary and formal clothing when contrasted with alternative or garden party themes. Having the outfits to the wedding match with the decorations and style of the venue can truly make the wedding go from good to amazing!

Choose What Matters To You

Ultimately your wedding theme will matter most to you, and you have the final say in them, so pick a wedding theme that speaks to you! Whichever wedding theme you settle on, be sure it is one that you can look at with joy and have fun in setting up the decor, picking outfits, and sending out themed invitations! It’s your wedding, and it only happens once with your partner.

Looking for more wedding tips? Let us know! We have plenty of wedding planning packages for your ideal wedding in Las Vegas!

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