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How To Pick Your Ideal Wedding Cake

When it comes to planning any wedding, your wedding cake should be one of the top priorities for your reception. If you’re unfamiliar with wedding cakes, we’ve got you covered! Here are some top tips when looking for your favorite wedding cake.

Find A Reliable Baker

Trust referrals and word-of-mouth. Anyone who has had previous experience in wedding planning will likely know a reliable baker to find, and don’t be scared of asking friends and family if they know someone! Some bakers have specialities in certain types of cakes. If anyone you know is having a wedding, chances are you may be able to join in on their wedding cake planning to do some taste testing without the hassle of committed consultations.

Plan Ahead, Way Ahead

Getting your wedding cake takes much longer than you might initially expect. First you’ll need to find the right baker, decide your top choices for wedding cake styles, do some taste testing, schedule in the cake to be made at the right time for your wedding date, and have it delivered and prepared at the wedding reception itself!

This type of planning can take months (as the process of picking the cake and having it made can take between three to six months), so be sure you think ahead and get the wedding cake sorted out early unless you want your options limited (and likely overpriced)!

Decide On Your Guest Size First

This is how you’ll know how much wedding cake needs to be ordered. It’s important you have an estimate on the number of guests, your wedding date, and your venue all prepared before setting up appointments for your wedding cake. The more guests, the more cake will be needed!

And be sure you check up on the number of wedding guests closer to the date. If you think your initial wedding cake size may need changing, then you’ll be ready to let your baker know in advance. Some bakeries can make important adjustments with only two weeks left before the wedding!

Match The Style & Design with Your Wedding Theme

Toppings, frosting, decorations and even the shape of the wedding cake will be amplified if they match your wedding theme. Ideally you’ll want to have the basic theme of your wedding figured out when you go in to determine the look and style of the wedding cake.

Do A Taste Test When Possible

You want to be sure you actually enjoy the taste of your wedding cake, so pick some unique flavors that you like and make sure to have a test taste of the wedding cake. It will save both you and the baker plenty of time and money when you can settle on your wedding cake flavors early on.

Look For Ways To Save!

Wedding cakes can easily turn into an expensive affair. Look for discounts whenever possible, that means finding out if you can go mini, get an additional cake for a cheaper price, etc. Most wedding cakes are sold by the slice, not by layer, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for a good deal!

Know How The Cake Will Be Delivered

For the sake of wedding planning, knowing when and how your wedding cake will arrive and be prepared is just as important as setting the wedding cake to your liking. Make sure you and everyone coordinating the wedding know exactly how the cake is planned to be delivered and set up at your reception.

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