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How To Pick The Ideal Engagement Ring

For all of you lovers who think the time to pop the question is drawing near, It’s important to understand the basics when it comes to acquiring the right engagement ring. It’s the cornerstone of every marriage proposal! 💒

You might be eager to just spend anything on the fanciest ring out there, but be warned! There are plenty of clever marketing ploys to make you spend more than you would otherwise need, and you want to be sure you are getting the ring that makes your significant other swoon enough to say yes, so here are some of the essentials when it comes to knowing how to pick your future spouse’s engagement ring.

Size & Metal

Now most people will immediately go for the diamond as the gem of choice (and we’ll use the diamond as reference throughout the article) but no one said that was the rule! If your significant other is completely in-love with the idea of having a different gem in place of the traditional diamond, you’re welcome to find a ring with that gem as its centerpiece.

As for size, going with a larger gem will give the engagement ring its overall volume as well as make itself much more pronounced compared with the metal band. And as you may expect, the larger the gem, the more expensive it will often be. Find out whether your significant other enjoys larger gems or more subtle smaller gems, as bigger doesn’t always mean better.

The metal of the ring can range from varying colors, for example gold comes in multiple colors like rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and so on. Finding the right size and metal type are just the beginning of your ideal engagement ring search.

Shape & Style

Diamonds come in many shapes, which are often called cuts, and getting the right shape for your loving partner can take a little bit of thought. The cut of a gem arguably leaves a bigger impression than size itself, so knowing the right shape can really leave your future spouse amazed when you present the ring of choice.

There’s plenty of customization with jewelry-related websites to find out what preferred shape you want your significant other to have. (Maybe you can even drop some subtle questions about favorite shapes) Ranging from round to marquise to heart and more, the varying cuts of diamonds are plentiful.

When it comes to the style of the ring, this will be even trickier as the style of a ring can be as unique as the individual would want. You will have to know your partner’s current style to find out what style they find pleasing on their finger. Engagement rings can come in all kinds of styles, ranging from the simplistic and classic style of a smooth metal band and one gem to an array of smaller gems lined along the band in various patterns. The band itself can be crafted in different ways to hold the diamond in a unique style. There really are endless possibilities when it comes to this aspect of ring hunting.

One little trick to follow is pay close attention to the type of jewelry they have now, and pay close attention to the way your partner’s rings are shaped and styled.

Get Some Help With Friends

Make sure you get some second opinions and go ring shopping with friends who have experience with jewelry shopping (and ideally are close to your partner). It’s likely at least one of them can recommend a jeweler and can be there as a backup to avoid any unwanted commitments by pushy salespeople.

Get The Report

Wherever you get the diamond, be sure you get a written grading of it for verification. It’s important to be able to back up the value of your ring if ever needed. The last thing you would want is to make a heavy investment into something that ended up being worse quality than promised (whether intentional or not).

Match The Ring to Your Partner 💍

This is without a doubt the most important thing about the engagement ring. Make sure it is a symbol of your love that will last and match with your partner. Avoid getting a ring based on a recent trend or a popular style of the day just because someone famous or wealthy is wearing it. What matters is that the engagement ring is something you know your partner will be proud to wear it every day no matter what.

Once you get an understanding of your future spouse’s preference in metal, size, style, and shape then you will most certainly be able to find the engagement ring that will make them swoon with glee, and will ultimately make popping the question much easier. Happy hunting!

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