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How To Make Your Las Vegas Wedding Reception Unforgettable

We’ve got plenty of options for you at VIP Weddings Las Vegas, but what’s important is for you is to know how you can really take a wedding reception and turn it into your own wedding masterpiece.

Get Your Food of Choice

You don’t have to follow the norms. Pick the kind of food and its presentation that you want for your wedding reception. From customized food stations to getting a food truck to roll up to the venue, you can develop a catering plan that will truly wow your reception guests.

Some great ideas include whiskey bars, soup shooters, DIY food stations, and donut walls. However you wish to customize your catering, be sure to talk to your wedding planner or catering service to find out what’s feasible and how much these things cost. Sometimes it’s a great money saver to put in a little bit of work and do it yourself or with a few friends and family. (And who better to bring your food dreams to life than you?)

Other great food ideas do include country-themed food, as it will make it easier for your catering service or wedding planner to get the job done. Italy, France, Hawaii, Japan, and Mexico are just some of the parts of the world you can base your reception menu around. You can even match the dining decor to suit the food theme! But whatever your choice is, be sure to have vegan or allergy friendly options for any friends and family that arrive (especially if you’ve extended the wedding invitations to include a plus one).

Make The Entertainment Lasting

If you’re having a wedding in Las Vegas, make it memorable! Las Vegas is known for some amazing entertainment options in hosting for weddings. You can have the classic option of the King of Rock N’ Roll himself show up (which can be part of your package at VIP Weddings Las Vegas) or have the King of Pop provide some excellent singing or dancing at your wedding reception.

And don’t forget about all the wedding activity ideas that can really bring family and friends together. Everyone loves going to a wedding where they can have some fun! Some activities you could have at your wedding include the wedding wheel, a live painter, a coffee brewer complete with a coffee station, the photobooth, fire performers, and the all-important DJ for when it’s time to dance.

(Just bear in mind how active you want to be as you’ll likely still be dressed up in your tuxedo or wedding dress. )

Personalize The Wedding Decor and Dinnerware

There are plenty of options in customizing designs for your wedding decor at the reception. Whether you want to create a unique mood lighting, have hanging plants to feel closer to nature, or have big printed signs of your own wedding messages and pictures, the choice is yours.

Design your plates, napkins, hanging decor, and even photography backgrounds to create a lasting impression on your wedding and make it stand out from others! It’s your wedding after all. You want it to make it feel like a once in a lifetime event, because it is! Just remember not to blow your budget on designer items if you need to be sure that you have the budget to spend for the venue itself. If your decor and dinnerware truly leave an impression, a few guests may want to take one or two items for keepsake, which means mission accomplished. (Besides, where else would they go?)

Take Your Wedding On-The-Go

You don’t have to stay in a reception room or at the venue! You can take the wedding with you and head out to enjoy the city of lights! Las Vegas is full of casinos, resorts, and entertainment areas to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Gaming, shows, and outdoor venue activities are plentiful, so make it a night to remember by enjoying it to the fullest!

Check out our packages and how you can take advantage of them to get the most out of your wedding in Las Vegas.

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