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How To Deal With A Postponed Wedding

There is the often overused saying, “Short term pain for long term gain,” and that is especially true when it comes to postponing your wedding. If you and your loved one had to make the tough choice in delaying the wedding, here are five tips to make sure the two of you can get through the challenges that can arise from moving the wedding dates.

Take a Deep Breathe

It certainly isn’t the end of the world, and you can definitely find time to take a moment to relax. Postponing your wedding isn’t always the most fun decision that you can make, but when reality strikes, it can be the best option to ensure your wedding can still go on with what you had in mind. Let yourself acknowledge that the wedding will be postponed and that you and your significant other will be able to get things reorganized and figured out to make this date change worthwhile.

Inform All Parties Involved

This covers everyone that was involved with the wedding, from guests to the planner to the catering and anyone in between! Even if it seems like a hassle to announce, it’s important to get the message across that your wedding dates have been changed. The sooner the new dates have been communicated, the sooner you can move forward with planning for the wedding with your new dates in mind.

Save Up The Budget And Do Not Touch It

This is especially important if budget constraints were a contributing factor to postponing the wedding. Make sure whatever money you had set aside for the wedding is not affected by your date change, except if you’re putting in more money to make your future wedding plans a reality.

Keep it safe wherever it has been stored, and forget it from your usual pool of money on-hand!

Make Sure Your Wedding Venue of Choice is Solidified

If you need to move the dates of the wedding, make sure you are able to secure the venue for the new dates. Just because you had your wedding venue set for the original dates, does not mean it will automatically be secure for your new dates! It’s crucial that the wedding can take place where you plan it to be, and without a set location, moving the dates yet again can become an unsatisfying possibility.

Take Some Time Away From The Wedding

After dealing with all the immediate necessities to postponing the wedding, it’s fair to say that you’ve earned some time away from planning. Use your extended time to get back to other important matters at hand, or to simply relax and enjoy daily life! Just because you had to postpone the wedding dates does not mean you have to postpone your relationship. Go on a date! Hang out with friends. Get other things done that you may have been putting off. You might find new inspiration for your wedding with the time you’ve given yourself.

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