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How To Choose Your Wedding Reception Playlist

Everyone likes music! But will they like your reception playlist? Here are some suggestions for how you want to organize your wedding reception playlist to make a truly memorable night for you, your spouse, and your loved ones.

Create a Theme

Without music, there won’t be any memorable first dances for the couple, no fun moments for everyone to join in, or any one dance for you to really let go and get your groove on. One way to organize what songs you’ll want to play at your reception is to create a theme. There’s plenty of ways to go about it. Oftentimes people like to create a theme around these ideas:

  • Choose by Decade

  • Choose by Genre

  • Choose by Cultural Significance

  • Choose by Personal Importance

Make sure you choose a theme that also matches with the overall theme of your wedding. It might seem jarring to some people to have an old-fashion styled wedding with some trap music playing during the reception (unless you’re into that kind of mix-and-match).

Make Your Music Reflect Your Personality and Your Relationship

This goes into a little more detail about songs that are personally important to you and your soon-to-be spouse. It can really add a layer of meaning and emotion at your reception if you play a song from your first date, when you got engaged, or just an all around favorite between you and your partner. It’s the perfect opportunity to share the songs that really elevate your relationship and can bring out some amazing emotional moments.

Give It Some Rhythm

Don’t forget about the guests! You might have some incredible love songs, but remember to add in some songs that your guests get the rhythm to dance. They can match your overall theme if you have one for your wedding reception, so long as they are something that can get the dance floor moving!

Get A DJ To Lend...An Ear?

It’s the professional go-to for music playing at a wedding. If you need a professional opinion on some music to add at the reception, the DJ is your person to do it. The DJ can not only create a playlist you and your significant other are happy with, but the DJ is also able to take notes of when you want certain songs played. If there is a song that’s meant for the newlyweds to dance solo, the DJ can play it for you.

If you’re not sure what songs go with others, the DJ can lend a helping ear. It’s quite literally part of the job description to be able to play music that the attendees will be happy to hear.

With these tips in mind, you will be sure to knock it out on the dance floor! If you want a professional wedding planning opinion, feel free to contact us! We have plenty of packages and options for you lovers looking to get married in Las Vegas!

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