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How to Choose Your Wedding Date

When it comes to knowing the best time to get married, we’ve got you covered! Before you dive headfirst into planning your dream venue, dress, tuxedo, food, and activities, it’s vital that you can settle on a date that will work for your intended guests, your lifestyle, and your budget. Here are some key tips to follow when you and your significant other feel it’s ready to tie the knot.

Consider the Length of your Engagement

How soon is too soon? It depends on what you want out of your engagement! Deciding the wedding date should fit with the overall length you want your engagement to be, whether that be a few weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes factors like finances, changes in your career, and moving can play into how long your engagement will be, as it’s always good to make sure you can plan your wedding without having to worry about your livelihood.

Consider Availability

You may have a lengthy list (or very short; it’s up to you) of loved ones you are eager to invite to the wedding, so make sure you are aware of everyone’s availability. It’s important to take into consideration the location of the wedding and find out if your intended guests would be able to make it to the wedding during your ideal dates. If a must-have guest lives far away from the venue, then find out what month or general time frame they have available to take a trip to the wedding.

Plan Around the Honeymoon

For brides and grooms alike, the honeymoon is a great aspect to add to the overall wedding experience. If you and your significant other are planning on a honeymoon, then consider keeping the wedding dates around the time or season when your honeymoon is ideal to have. A luxurious trip to Thailand may be a bad idea during monsoon season or a trip to Russia could be less than savory when dealing with the winter cold. The price and experience of the honeymoon can be affected by the time of year your have it, so make sure you’ve determined your available dates that the wedding can fall on without impacting the honeymoon itself.

Consider important dates & Preference of Season

As mentioned in the last section, time of year is important when it comes to planning. This is especially true of weddings as it can affect what the venue will be open to do. Outdoor weddings are ideal in spring weather, and some locations may be less or more busy (and expensive) depending on the time of year. Along with that, it’s great to pick a date that has meaning to you, whether that be the day of your first kiss, the day you got a life changing promotion, or the day you were reunited with a friend or family member.

Looking for more tips? Contact us for any tips or advice you need when planning your wedding! Check out even more tips on Things To Do After The Wedding!

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