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How Do I Host The Best Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

Whether or not you have any prior rehearsal experience, knowing what to say and do during your official rehearsal dinner is an essential part in bringing your family and friends together just before your wedding ceremony takes place. It’s a time for both families to prepare themselves for the special moment that the two of you will have when you both say your I do’s as well as for many invited guests to get acquainted with one another.

So how do you know your rehearsal dinner is going well? Here are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to your wedding’s rehearsal dinner. First tip: plan ahead!

What Exactly Is A Rehearsal Dinner?

To put it simply, a rehearsal dinner is a tradition where the guests and organizers of the wedding rehearsal have one last dinner the night before the wedding ceremony takes place. Oftentimes the groom’s parents would be the ones footing the bill, but that’s not a rule you have to follow.

The main reason to hold a rehearsal dinner is to ensure everyone involved with the wedding enjoys their final night before things get official, and it’s a good moment for the wedding couple to express their gratitude for everyone involved in the wedding planning as well as giving the two families some time to get to know one another.

So What Do I Need To Do?

In all honesty, a rehearsal dinner has only a few important requirements to meet. The most obvious is that there should be a prepared meal for everyone to enjoy, otherwise it wouldn’t be a dinner! Other things that should be done at the rehearsal dinner include a toast as well as presenting gifts to the people who helped to make the wedding a reality.

Usually a rehearsal dinner kicks off at the beginning of the weekend as most weddings are held during that time; Friday nights being the most often. Ideally you should invite everyone involved in the wedding preparations as well as your wedding dinner guests or immediate family members (and be sure to say hi to everyone there!), but beyond that, your rehearsal dinner can be as creative as you’d like!

Key Tips To Remember

Treat your rehearsal dinner as an event in itself. You should have the rehearsal dinner guest list and the venue prepared well in advance. Make sure anyone invited has sent their RSVPs and confirmed their attendance to the dinner. There should be a basic schedule when people should arrive, the desired attire, and when any important moments like toasting or gift giving will be made to discourage any late arrivals or early leaves.

One other essential opportunity the rehearsal dinner provides is to give any last minute updates for the wedding. If any important changes have been made, the rehearsal dinner is the time to announce them. It’s also nice to give a basic refresher of the wedding schedule itself so everyone’s on the same page!

Feel Free To Get Creative!

Now that you have the need-to-knows of the rehearsal dinner, you’re free to get as imaginative as your wedding budget can afford! You can have fun activities at the dinner itself like photo ops, hosting dinner games and entertainment, having a special dinner theme, or even simply hosting the dinner at a special location. It truly is like having a mini wedding in itself so think of the rehearsal dinner as a once in a lifetime opportunity to practice your wedding reception.

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