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Honeymoons based on... hobbies?

Our friends at StyleMePretty have an interesting take on where to take your honeymoon based on how you spend your Saturday!

Picking a honeymoon location can be so difficult when there are countless amazing travel destinations around the world! If you and your partner are having a hard time narrowing down your list, then a great place to start is by examining how you spend your Saturdays.

Do you two typically go for active adventures like hiking, seek total relaxation in napping, catching up on TV series and reading, or do you enjoy partying and nightlife, or do you prioritize cooking and eating great food? Figure out the types of activities you enjoy the most and then find a destination that best caters to those interests! After all, how you choose to spend your free time on your Saturdays is a great indicator of how you'd like to honeymoon!

How you spend your Saturday: Working out and being active Where you should honeymoon: Costa Rica Costa Rica offers the best of both worlds for active couples. On the one hand, there's the ocean and the jungle for exploring, surfing, running, kayaking, zip lining, and horseback riding. But there are equally beautiful beaches and luxury hotels made for relaxing, reading and spending quality time with each other as well.

How you spend your Saturday: Cooking and trying new restaurants Where you should honeymoon: Italy While not exactly a groundbreaking destination, if food is your passion, there is no place in the world quite like Italy. Take your time and make your way throughout the country, sampling the dishes that are famous to each region. While Tuscany is the obvious choice for wine tastings, cooking classes, and exploring charming villages and medieval towns, don't miss the Amalfi Coast for fresh seafood and limoncello, Naples for the pizza, and the cacio e pepe in Rome.

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