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Having A Wedding Custom From Across The Globe

Many couples follow the time honored traditions of matching bridesmaid outfits, speaking of vows, the cutting of the cake, tossing of the bouquet and so much more. But why not get familiar with some exotic or otherwise unknown wedding traditions and customs that can create extra meaning and excitement to your wedding?

It doesn’t mean you can’t have your wedding in Las Vegas. It just means you can bring a little bit of the world to Vegas itself!

1) In India, it’s common for the bride to be elaborately painted across the body in mehndi! This custom is intended to wish for good health and prosperity in marriage. Be sure to read more about the painting process as it uses henna, which has the potential for harmful side effects if not carefully applied and removed. 🖌️

2) In Morocco, brides-to-be cleanse themselves in the purification ritual of taking a milk bath before the wedding. 🥛🥛🥛🥛

3) In Holland, newlyweds make it a point to plant a pine tree outside their home, bringing them good luck and fertility. 🌲

4) In Sweden, anytime the bride leaves the ceremony or reception, all the women are welcome to give a kiss to the groom. Likewise, anytime the groom leaves, the men present are welcome to give a kiss to the bride! 😘😘😘😱

5) In Russia, newly married couples share a karavay, 🥮 a wedding sweet bread decorated with wheat and interlocking rings for good luck. Both the groom and bride have to take the biggest bite without using hands. The significant other who takes the biggest bite is determined as the head of the household! 👅

6) In Venezuela, it’s good luck for the marrying couple to sneak away from their reception unnoticed. 🤭 Whoever first realizes the two have left a little bit of that good luck rubbed off on them. 😮😮😮

7) In the Philippines, a bride and groom releasing a male and female dove together 🕊️🕊️ into the air represents a harmonious and long marriage for the newlyweds.

8) In parts of Asia, wearing a robe embroidered with cranes is a signifier for the length of fidelity in the marriage. Be sure to wear plenty of cranes! 🐦 ( 👈 not what a crane actually looks like)

9) In Wales, the bride is expected to receive a carved lovespoon 🥄 from her groom, which is meant to signify that he will never let her go hungry during their married life together. 😋

10) In Denmark, it was a long-held tradition for the bride and the groom to switch outfits at some point to confuse evil spirits. Yes, that means cross-dressing to protect your soon-to-be spouse! 😈

11) Ever heard of a kransekake? In Norway, weddings are served with this towering cake made of iced almond cake rings that form a cone shape with a wine bottle placed in the center! 🍰🍷 🍰

12) Here’s a great way to involve all the single ladies at the wedding. In Peru, the wedding cake is made with ribbons on its side. One of the ribbons has a fake wedding ring attached, and at the reception, single women would pull a ribbon from the cake. 🎀💍 The lucky lady who pulls out the fake wedding ring is destined to be next for marriage. 😱👰

13) In China, the groom will shoot the bride with a bow and headless arrows (please be sure not to hurt the love of your life). Then the groom collects these arrows and breaks them during the ceremony to ensure their love flies straight and true. 🏹 💗

14) In Cuba, the bridal guests often pin money on the bride’s dress to receive a dance from her. 💸💸💸 This originally was a custom that was intended to help pay for the wedding, and this tradition extends in different forms across Puerto Rico and Mexico as well! 💃

And for those who’ve made it this far, a good to know tip for you Las Vegas couples:

15) 💕 Valentine’s Day and 🥂 New Year’s Eve are the two busiest “marriage” days in Las Vegas, Nevada! So whether you’re looking to be in the city during its liveliest days or in between, it’s good to know that couples are packed for marriage during those holidays! 😀

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