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Groom Styling Tips To Look Your Best At The Wedding

So you’ve found yourself as the groom to your significant other, and you’re getting ready to seal the deal at your wedding! If you need some help on how to style right and wear everything needed to check off all the formalities and good looks at your wedding, here are some groom styling tips to make sure you can say your I do’s with confidence!

Find Your Style

The first thing you should determine when it comes to your wedding tuxedo is your style. Avoid copying a celebrity, model, or well dressed business man just because they looked good in a suit. You aren’t them, so trying their outfit on won’t always translate to looking just as good (not to mention photoshop, lighting, and camera angles have a little more to do with looking good professionally than you think).

Look for colors, patterns, and fabric that you genuinely like. Half of the battle of looking good is feeling confident in what you’re wearing, so putting yourself in a suit or tuxedo you actually enjoy will do just that.

Get Fitted

The next crucial aspect you want to get right for your wedding is getting your clothes fitted just for you. Buying a suit straight off the rack from a retail store is something you should avoid. Suit sizes in stores are standard sizes that are made to be sold en masse, and that won’t translate to looking good when you put them on.

Going to a tailor is a must do step to getting your suit prepared as tailors can take your exact measurements and make any necessary adjustments to make sure the suit looks good on you. Are you a little on the overweight side and are worried a fitted suit will expose your weight? Well it turns out that loose fitting clothes are what makes you look heavier than you actually are, so getting fitted for your wedding outfit will make a big difference!

Shoes & Accessories

Of course your groom outfit isn’t complete without getting the right pair of shoes to match. Even if it’s your style to be a little unconventional with the footwear, it’s usually best to stick to the formal look. It complements the suit and can give you extra color to your overall outfit.

Other accessories you should be alert in getting include a handkerchief, a boutonniere (which should be unique compared to the other men at the wedding), a belt or suspenders, and of course your tie, bowtie, or other tie alternatives.

This is where you can use a bit of extra flair to show off your favorite colors and patterns, but be sure the overall style of these accessories match together. It never looks good to have mismatching patterns and colors on the same outfit, and you may end up looking a bit too circusy in front of your soon-to-be spouse.

Sticking to two or three basic colors in your style will go a long way to keeping a cohesive and slick appearance.

Test Out Your Clothes

One final thing you should do before heading off to your wedding is testing out the outfit you’ve put together! Wear parts if not all of it for one day to see how it feels strutting around in your groom outfit. It is also good to wear it and get the opinion of a few close family members or friends who can give you some helpful feedback if something looks out of place or if there is something you can do to make the outfit look even better.

After following these tips, you should be able to walk into your wedding venue with full confidence and know full well that you are looking your best when you say your vows and tie the knot with your loving partner!

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