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Easy Ways To Recycle Wedding Items

The Importance of Wedding Recycling

Don’t throw out your wedding items. Recycle and repurpose them! There are plenty of ways you can still make use of all that effort you put into your wedding day. From the paper and stationary all the way to the wedding dress itself, learn some crafty ways to utilize your wedding items beyond you and your new spouse’s special day.

The best way to begin recycling items is to make a list of all the items you are planning to recycle, sell, or repurpose for life after the wedding. That means taking note of every wedding item that isn’t rented or borrowed. Ideally you’ll have certain items rented to either save on wedding costs or simply prevent the hassle of moving and storing certain decorations or large wedding memorabilia.

Next you’ll want to take the list of your intended recycled or reusable items and determine where they would be best made use of after the ceremony and reception have concluded. Have a wedding gown lying around and don’t want it to simply collect dust? There are plenty of options to sell it or give it to another bride-to-be for repurposing, and that can include any wedding gown accessories that wouldn’t make much sense to keep beyond the wedding day.

Wedding dresses can also be tailored, dyed, or otherwise customized to turn into a go-to dress to wear for special occasions!

Wedding day decor can be made use into everyday home decor, if you know how to repurpose them. There are also a variety of vendors that are willing to purchase those decor items that would otherwise have no use at home. For other items from the wedding, such as flowers, they have the obvious reusability of being amazing decorations at home for the remainder of their lifespan. What better way to give your home some added color and vibrance than with the very flowers you used at your own wedding?

When it comes to certain items like leftover food that you wouldn’t want simply thrown out, consider donating the extra food to a soup kitchen or food bank (though be sure to contact the right services to ensure this is done properly). If your catering arrangements permit it, take the food home with you! (along with hungry friends and family)

Don’t forget about handy photo booth props or the basic pen and paper items that can have continual use during a fun photo shoot day or to write down the usual household notes.

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