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Best Ways To Get Married In Las Vegas

Imagine getting married in the SKY!

You Can Get Married in a Helicopter!

Many people think of your typical sweaty Elvis impersonator. This is not always the case! Here are a few different ways to get married in Las Vegas. There could be some options you hadn't thought of yet! As we said above, you can literally get married in a helicopter! Message us and find out more: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE You can have an amazing wedding ceremony in The Valley of Fire!

Be wed in the wildlife of the Valley of Fire!

It is very common for couples to be wed in the gorgeous Valley of Fire just outside of Las Vegas . There are limos, ministers, and photographers covering the venue in case someone were to be wed there.. Now that’s a wedding-to-go! Here’s more information on our fabulous Valley of Fire Wedding: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Experience your wedding in the beautiful Golden Hour at the world famous Las Vegas sign! Early morning light is also nice..

Get married at the World Famous Las Vegas Sign

If you’re getting married in Las Vegas, might as well do it under the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign! Even better, our wedding planners arrange everything for you! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Our Doo Wop Diner Chapel

Have a grease themed wedding!

Fans of everything 1950s? Say “I do” in our retro Doo Wop Diner. Opt for Elvis as minister. Or maybe the Fonz. Or your favorite ’50s icon. Details below: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE A couple watches the sun set after their Beautiful Red Rock Wedding.

Say “I Do” in Red Rock Canyon

Next, there’s a picturesque desert wedding just outside the city. Because beautiful Red Rock Canyon is mere minutes away. For starters, imagine your limo returning after sunset as the lights of Las Vegas come on in the distance. Plan this wedding during the cooler months! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Sometimes it takes two Elvis' to get the job done!

Vows in the Caddy, Two Ways!

To top off our best list, the last two of the 7 best ways to marry in Vegas are:In a classic pink Cadillac convertible with Elvis, drive-thru style.Drive DOWN the aisle with Elvis in the Caddy! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Now who wouldn’t want THAT? We’re here to take your calls and requests!

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