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Amazing Festive Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

If you’re a winter lover, good news! We’ve collected some great wedding ideas that can really transform your wedding to fit the winter season. Here are some ways that you can truly make your wedding a winter wonderland.

Getting the Festive Look

The winter background is full of snow and holiday colors! Make sure you select a venue that can allow you to take full advantage of the winter time festivities, whether it be a wooden-barn appearance, an area that allows for additional lighting options, or a place with a great view of the surrounding landscape during the snowy weather.

Not only do you want a venue with a good winter look, but you’ll also want some wedding decor to match the season. Some wedding color palettes to keep in mind include icy blues, silvers and golds, emeralds, and the general bolder and darker colors to contrast the white and bright weather.

Even going for a more metallic or fur appearance will help show that your wedding is all about the season!

Lighting & Heating

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a time when the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the temperature is much colder. Additional lighting and heating displays will not only serve as a great look for the wedding but will also serve the practical side too!

To compensate for the cold and lack of light, you can enjoy adding on twinkling lights, arrays of candles of varying sizes, and even having chandeliers present at both the wedding ceremony and the reception.

If you have a large or open venue and want to maintain some heat with style, you can add in good-looking space heaters to keep everyone’s cozy and warm during your key wedding moments (don’t worry, they won’t look like radiators).

Winter Fashion

When it comes to winter wedding fashion, there’s a lot of options. You can go minimalist with simple designs for your wedding dress or tuxedo and opt to make your color choice as the stand out feature of your outfit, or you can really dig into the opportunity to add extra layers.

Bold lips, long sleeves, and even sweaters and coats made for the wedding can all be great wedding fashion additions during this time of year. Winter themed hats and gloves can really transform a nice design into an amazing one. Just make sure you wear just enough that you can take care of business and stay warm without overloading yourself.

Making Use of Green

Winter is a time of cold, hibernation, and trees losing their leaves, which can sometimes paint a bleak picture when everything looks like snow or branches. Make people feel like there’s life in your wedding by incorporating some evergreens and other trees or bushes into your decor, invitations, and even outfits when applicable. Sprigs can serve as a great go-to decoration when things need a finishing touch.

You can even specialize in the flowers at your wedding by making use of seasonal plants that only bloom during this time of year. Even pine cones, twigs, and birch can give that added layer of winter flair!

Love the idea of having a holiday wedding but not sure if it’s a practical decision? Check out our article on whether or not you should have a holiday-themed wedding.

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