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5 Wedding Ideas That Can Save You Money

Having a wedding is often an expensive affair. The estimated cost of weddings is about $33,900 per couple. (This covers the engagement ring but not the honeymoon!)

So it’s no wonder many couples are looking to more feasible options in marriage. Don’t worry! As you can tell by the title of this article, we have a few great tips that can save you big in wedding planning costs.

These aren’t the only things couples can do, but they are pretty conventional and can save you time, money, and headaches when looking to marry in Las Vegas or wherever else you may be. If you have some ideas and want professional plans, send us a message!

1) Ditch the gifts; get some help

Managing every aspect of the wedding can be a chore, and many couples who want to be sure wedding planning gets dealt with should consider switching out the age old tradition of receiving wedding gifts and instead asking for assistance with the ceremony and reception. Gifts are great to receive, but having an extra hand to be sure the invitations are sent, the music at the reception is working, and the decorations are purchased, put up, and taken down can definitely be something that saves you a pretty penny.

Also consider the idea of letting guests contribute to a honeymoon fund! A new toaster might be hard to compare with your ideal honeymoon set and paid for by the time you're packing.

2) Keep the wedding at a local venue

It sounds tempting to get married in an exotic location or taking a trip to some magical place to get married, but it usually ends up costing a huge amount for you and all your guests. Keep it simple! You can get married anywhere, and if you’ve got plenty of potential guests in the area, find a venue that can fit your capacity and get the job done.

On average, the reception venue itself costs nearly one-third of the entire average wedding expense (estimated at $10,500!), so pick something that doesn’t break the bank! You can instead put that money into good use for dresses, catering, engagement rings, and plenty of other aspects to the wedding.

3) Trade gold for gold

Here’s a clever tip that can make you feel real smart if you have some old jewelry lying around. You can use old rings, necklaces, or other pieces of fine jewelry that you were already planning to get rid of and trade it in for a lower cost of the engagement ring (or wedding rings if you’ve already sealed the deal).

Gold and silver still hold quite a high value within the industry, and jewelers are often willing to perform a trade in selling you an engagement ring for less if it means they get a fair return-on-investment with your excess jewelry. Plus you’d often get a better deal this way than if you were to simply sell the jewelry for cash.

4) Stick to the budget

Okay, this is pretty conventional information, but having a budget for the wedding is a basic essential to keeping costs down. Write down a list of all the expenses you are planning to make for your wedding and work out how much it will realistically cost to do all the things you want to do for your wedding. Once you can set with your significant other the budget for your wedding:

Stick. To. It.

Don’t let yourself go over-budget for a few little things because they will quickly add up, and suddenly a down-payment on your newlywed home or a honeymoon trip will start to look like wishful thinking.

5) Cover most of the costs in a wedding package

Time is money as the saying goes, and a lot of time and effort that goes to planning and organizing the wedding and every aspect to it can start eating up the time and effort needed to pay for everything. (That’s why a wedding planner is such an in-demand job!) Having your wedding set by a wedding planner that can put all the basics into one package is something worth looking into.

Wedding packages can vary, but some that VIP weddings LV can provide include Chapel, Outdoor, and Photo Tour wedding packages!

Of course it won’t cover every detail in your wedding as you have to give it the personal touch, but knowing a large amount of the work is done in one go can really take the load off your shoulders.

Plus it will give you more time to take care of a lot of important aspects of marriage beyond the wedding itself. Transitioning into married life is a big step, and there’s always plenty of things to do before and after the wedding!

For more tips on what to do after the wedding is over, check out our article on things to do after the wedding.

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