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5 Wedding Activities Anyone Can Enjoy

There’s plenty of fun wedding activities that will make the special day all the more memorable. Some weddings can be all about the ceremony and following a strict schedule, but hey, sometimes there needs to be a little wiggle room for some fun! If you have children coming to the wedding or just a lively bunch of guests, take a look at this list of 5 fun wedding activities to have you and your wedding guests enjoy:

Wheel of Fun

Every wedding can use one of these! A great way to get guests to interact during the wedding, the wheel of fun is a big wheel with a list of simple activities that can be spun around to see which activity is landed on. You can get really creative with how you want your wheel of fun to have on it, and they can be decorated with a particular theme or have really great callbacks to other fun times with friends and family.

Wedding Trivia

An easy game to coordinate, this trivia lets the couple have every table involved. A list of questions about the bride or groom have to be answered, and the table with the most correct answers wins! You can even get the wedding DJ involved by announcing the winner. What will they win? You decide.


An easy to play game, cornhole is a great lawn game for couples, family, and friends who like outdoor competition without the roughness of contact sports. If you want to really go all out in decoration, you can even get a customized cornhole design to match your wedding day decor.

Giant Games - Dice / Chess / Checkers / Connect Four

Simple games made into larger than life wonders! Find just a few people who enjoy these classic games to play their blow-up counterparts. This would especially be fun for children at the wedding who want to be able to pick up and put down these games without feeling any pressure from the adults.

I Spy - Wedding Edition

A simple game that you can play throughout the wedding or during the reception is an updated version of I Spy. Make sure the guests have their cameras ready, as the newlywed couple will ask their guests to find and take a picture of particular moments of the wedding. Whoever can get a snapshot of the most pics requested wins! These requested snapshots can range from someone laughing, to a smile or kiss shared with the lucky couple, to the best treat at the wedding, and more.

And there are hundreds more wedding activities you can plan for your wedding. Cake Piñata, bingo, and the wedding shoe game are just a few others that can really make your wedding come to life! It all depends on which games that you as a couple and your guests will love to play to make your wedding day all the more memorable.

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