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5 Must Have Photos For Your Wedding

There are tons of pictures couples, friends, and family would love to get their hands on at a wedding. Why wouldn't they? Having a professional wedding photographer makes it a much easier task to capture key moments at you or loved one's wedding, but in case you needed to make a priority of what photos are needed, here are the 5 must-have photos to capture all the essential moments at your wedding.

Walking Down The Aisle 😭 ⛪️ 👠

It's a pretty obvious one, so make sure this is at the top of your list! Everyone wants to remember the moment you or your significant other is escorted down the aisle with a loved one, so why not capture a few photos of this crucial moment. It signifies when one family meets with another to begin the ceremony that would last a lifetime.

Marriage Vows 💍💍💍

A lot of need-to-have photos are of at the ceremony, and this one is no exception! It's an important moment that can capture everything you need to remember during the wedding, and it offers a great opportunity to get a picture of the wedding couple standing side-by-side as the minister announces the marriage vows or when the couple themselves present their oaths to one another.

The First Kiss 👰🏻💋💄

Be sure you get a high resolution picture of this moment, because it's once in a lifetime! Capturing that first kiss after the couples say their "I do's" is nothing short of the height of the wedding ceremony, and snagging a picture of this would leave a lot of hearts fondly remembering the moment this picture represents.

The Crowd at the Reception 🎊🤩 🎉

Moving on to the reception is important as well, and getting plenty of pictures of the festivities presents the opportunity for more candid pictures of friends and family enjoying the reception itself. Of course it's important to get plenty of pictures of the bride or groom, but it's just as important to make sure you get a few good pictures of who was present at the wedding so you can remember all the people in your life who shared this special moment with you.

The Newlywed's First Dance 💃🏼 🕺🏼 🎼

And what could top off this list of must-have wedding photos without a picture of the couple sharing their first dance as newlyweds? Getting this tender and intimate moment between the two lovebirds is enough to make people shed a tear when looking back at their first dance together. On the more lighthearted side it also presents the chance to see the couple when their more lively and less restricted to a formal setting. Want to see the newlyweds with some energy and finesse? Make sure you get a photo when they share their first dance!

Additional Photos 😱 📸 🤣

Now there are plenty of other amazing photos you should take at your wedding that didn't hit the top 5. These photos include a picture of the bride or groom with their family and friends, any intimate moment shared between the couple that isn't relegated to the ceremony or first dance, and a funny moment captured on camera to make people remember the wedding wasn't all pomp and circumstance. 🤓

And remember, if you think there are other important photos that should take priority, then take them. It's your wedding after all!

For more tips on how to get your wedding photography just right, check out our guide to wedding photography! Contact us if you're looking for a great wedding opportunity right here in the city of Las Vegas!

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