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5 Mistakes To Avoid At A Wedding

Most weddings have pretty well behaved guests, and things often work out for the better during this important moment in the newlywed’s life. But there can occasionally be a hiccup or a gaff that can really spiral the wedding or reception in a moment of annoyance, awkwardness, or just downright embarrassment.

Here are some basic things to avoid when heading to a wedding:

Bringing A Plus One That The Newlyweds Aren’t Friendly With

If you weren’t given a plus one, then it’s important that you avoid bringing along an uninvited guest. Weddings are planned with the amount of guests in mind as well as who is coming, so having an unfamiliar friend or date tag along just creates unnecessary hassle for the wedding planner and/or couple to marry.

You also want to be sure that your plus one is someone that the newlyweds will be fine to have attend the wedding. Bringing along someone that can spark tension, frustration, or bad memories would just make things more difficult for everyone involved, so it’s best to give the plus one invite to someone else (and you don’t always have to use your plus one)!

Dressing in White or Something Too Revealing

Dressing in white is traditionally reserved for the bride, so be sure you aren’t coming to a wedding with a matching outfit. It really takes away the attention from the couple’s special day, and tight or revealing dresses aren’t really the proper outfit to wear at a ceremony like a wedding. That’s not to say you can’t wear an amazing dress with your own colors.

Being On Your Phone During the Ceremony

It sounds like common sense to be attentive during the most important moment of the entire wedding, and most people keep their eyes on the happening around them. Avoid taking out your phone to check up on something, and definitely be sure not to take your phone if you seem bored. That really communicates the wrong message to everyone around you that this wedding you’ve been invited to attend is not even worth your attention. Also be sure to refrain from taking pictures with your phone or camera unless otherwise directed by the wedding couple themselves.

Unwarranted Toasts or Announcements

Most weddings are planned to include toasts and other important announcements as they all fit to elevate the wedding of the couple. If you decide to make a toast without ever going it over with the bride or groom or wedding planner, then it’s best to hold off on giving one. Stealing away attention with a big announcement is also something to avoid as it comes off as trying to divert the main event (the wedding itself) onto whatever it is you’re planning on mentioning.

Just remember you can always announce something at another time, but the newlyweds can only experience their wedding once.

Having Too Much To Drink

This is something any wedding guest drinking alcohol should bear in mind. You wouldn’t want your wedding to turn into a college party, so be sure you watch how much you drink at the reception. It’s embarrassing not only for the couple but for yourself if you end up wasted and started throwing around dance moves that make almost everyone reel back.

Not sure what kind of activities you want to have your friends and family enjoy at your wedding? Check out some great wedding activities that anyone can have fun with at your ideal wedding.

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