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5 Essential Steps To Your Wedding Photography

Your wedding photographs are some of the most important moments of your relationship captured in time! You owe it to yourself to make sure these photos come out just right. As there are always plenty of tips and tricks to getting good wedding photographers, we’ve compiled some of the most common (and not to mention essential) steps in getting the photographer that fits you and your wedding.

1) Settle On A Budget

Figure out how much money you and your significant other can allocate to photography for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to pack some extra money into your wedding photographs as the right photographer can capture the emotions and scope of the wedding as you envisioned. One thing to avoid is to skimp out on the budget. And don’t even think about having a family member or friend of a friend handle the photographs without any professional experience! Weddings last for one day, and getting the photos right is something best left to the experts.

2) Do Your Research

Once you know how much you can spend, it’s time to begin looking up prospects for your wedding photography. Research some proven photographers (both local and high profile) and be sure to look beyond their portfolio highlights. Get to know their stories, pricing, and how they handle clients by checking out their website, reviews, and their social media presence.

It’s important to know that most professional photographers have websites to demonstrate their experience, so be wary of those photographers who are limited to a few pictures on their personal social media account. You want to know they can present themselves before considering them to present your wedding through photos.

After finding a few prospects that seem to fit the budget it’s time to make your pick!

3) Interview Your Prospects

Get in touch with one of your prospects and set up a time and date to interview them. It’s crucial you meet in a setting where you can ask all the overlooked questions and get a feel for how their photography process works. This is where trusting your gut can pay off. You want to know if they communicate well to you and your significant other. And this is a good time to settle on the style of photos you want for your wedding. The type of shots, the editing, and the emotional capture of the ceremony and reception are all things that should be considered so you know you can get the wedding photos that you’ll be proud to show off!

If the interview doesn’t go well, then consider reaching out to your next best prospect and interview them. Don’t feel like you’re committed to one photographer just because you spoke to them! After you and your photographer can agree on the kind of package and photos you want, move on to the next step.

4) Maintain Good Communication

The wedding photographer needs to know the in’s and out’s of your wedding just as much as you do. This includes the schedule, the venue (and the lighting!), and the expected guests in attendance. You want to be sure you can communicate the logistics of the wedding so your photographer knows the moments you want to be captured. If you have a wedding planner, be sure to introduce the photographer! (It’s a no brainer, but miscommunication can lead to some unwanted surprises during the ceremony or reception)

If you aren’t quite sure how the photos will turn out you can always...

5) Have A Test Run

It’s a common piece of advice, and that’s because it prevents disappointment in the long run. To be sure both you and the wedding photographer will work well during your wedding to capture the perfect moments, have them do a test run by taking engagement photos!

What better way to see first-hand how the two of you will look through the lens than by actually taking professional photos as a couple?

Engagement parties or trips are great opportunities to have engagement photos, so if possible bring your wedding photographer along and discover what the process is like with your photographer.

You’ll get a better idea of the timeline between photo shoots to receiving prints and digital copies.

One More Thing…

Remember to talk to your wedding photographer about the rights to the photos. Be sure to understand how you will receive the photos, whether by print or digital and how you’ll be able to use them. It will save you the headache of any additional steps to getting your photos and sharing them to family and friends (and the world!)

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