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5 Common Wedding Planning Questions For 2020

Understanding the First Steps to Your Wedding

Here are some detailed explanations to some of the most commonly asked questions made by couples when they are at the beginning stages of planning their wedding!

Is it possible to start too early in planning my wedding?

Nope! The earlier the better in fact, as a lot of wedding planning aspects can realistically take up to many months of reservations. Wedding dress shopping, selection of a venue, and getting together the guest list and getting the RSVPs can easily become an event that should be planned or reserved six months in advance!

What’s the best way to announce that we’re engaged?

It all depends on you and how you want to tell the world (or not) that you’ve found the one! It’s important to at least tell your inner circle of friends and family and then discuss any potential objections or concerns that may arise.

Social media is also something that makes announcing an engagement relatively easy! A simple post would do, and having the moment captured on camera is a nice touch (short recording or a good picture would do). Be sure not to get too wrapped up in telling everyone you’re now engaged, as it can easily wear you out (and others around you)!

How long should the wedding be?

It sounds like a simple question, but the length of the wedding can range depending on your definition. There is a lot of prep time to consider as well as time spent packing things up and ensuring nothing is left unchecked after the wedding has concluded.

If you are having a destination wedding, consider a 24 hour period for additional planning and communication before the wedding, and in that way there will be enough time for everyone to arrive at their hotel or other place of stay the night before the wedding takes place.

As for the actual wedding itself, it should not last more than six hours. At least one hour can be dedicated to the ceremony with the remaining hours reserved for the reception and other wedding activities. Don’t forget about considering the bachelor/bachelorette parties if you want to encompass other traditional engagement events.

What should I know before signing a venue contract?

First and foremost, make sure you are able to read the fine print, and if not, then have someone with legal or wedding planning experience review it. When reaching a decision for your wedding venue, be sure you understand some of the basic terms such as exclusivity of vendors (you may be limited in choice in choosing certain venues) as well as full pricing, and that includes additional charges for often overlooked services like valet parking and restroom attendees.

One other crucial aspect to know about your venue is the time you are allotted for setting things up for your wedding and how much time you have to pack things up once the wedding is concluded. Any other notable details that were brought up previously should also be confirmed before signing off on anything.

Should I keep the wedding local or make it a destination wedding?

It depends on the kind of wedding you’re looking for! For a more feasible and easier planned wedding, local is the way to go, especially if most of your family and friends live in close proximity. It also allows for some homely options like a wedding at home or at your local town house of worship.

Although if many of your expected guests are spread across the country or outside, then consider a destination wedding. This doesn’t mean you have to go to an expensive tourist hotspot, but this can be a great opportunity to plan your wedding in a locale you’ve always wanted to see. Just remember the increase in costs for everyone involved.

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